About Us

In a Nutshell

We are Ramsay Musical instruments - a determined, fresh and visionary manufacturer based in London UK - offering an extensive range of quality, hi-spec bass guitars for the new wave market.  Our prestige, budget-friendly instruments all feature innovative designs and specialized features for the technical and functional bassist.  We strive for excellence - passionate about challenging convention and pushing the envelope of style, function, ergonomics and economics.  Whether 'less is more' or 'standard' is not enough, we have a luxury, custom-quality bass within your reach.

We are musicians –artists.  For the love of art, all things bass, music, technology, craftsmanship and friendship,  we value a sense of global musical community and the privilege of sharing music and ideas together.  Goodwill and integrity are the bedrock of our ethos.

Reputation is everything.  Satisfied customers who value our work and benefit from it are our top priority.  Owning an RMI instrument should afford you the freedom to express your music in a more tangible and meaningful way.

• Designed, styled, set up and quality assured in England

• Precision crafted in a CNC facility by Korean master luthiers (highly experienced in the production of big brand OEM guitars)

• Unique, outstanding quality, fit for purpose, attractive price, GREAT VALUE!

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